Small Hydropower Plants Construction

Small Hydropower Plants Construction

We build cost-effective modular hydropower plants produced by leading manufacturers, which can be installed on any waterway with a water head of 25-50 meters.

Our solutions consist of simple, high-level standardized turbo generators and their auxiliary systems. This creates an attractive combination of high performance, quality, and economy.

…we addresses successfully the dual challenge of meeting growing energy demand while reducing a carbon footprint.

The system is pre-assembled and packaged in a standard container to ensure quick and easy on-site installation. Due to its integrated controls and actuators, it provides compact and reliable equipment to generate electricity.

We produce electricity using either a single turbine or a multiple turbines network to meet higher energy needs.  All turbines are designed for durability and low maintenance.


  • High-level standardization and simplification of the power plant design which lead to a significant cost reduction.
  • Reduction of the time needed for construction and project implementation.
  • Small and compact hydropower plants with minimum site required.
  • Flexibility and high productivity ensured by premium hydraulic designs.
  • Innovative and advanced remote monitoring solutions.
  • Intelligent data processing systems to increase productivity.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Long term operation.
  • Environmentally friendly technology. We do not build dams, which prevents the risk of flooding and a negative impact on the environment.
  • Sustainable, renewable source of energy with minimal CO2 emissions.
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