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Hydrogenn AS is an independent producer of hydropower – a renewable, reliable, and absolutely safe source of energy. We are happy to play an active role in the process of transforming how we produce and consume energy. As an expert in hydropower, we develop, install, and independently operate small hydropower plants in Austria and Norway.

…without dams and CO2 emissions, we can use the power of water and convert it into different renewable, reliable, and green sources of energy

We are working to turn the untapped potential of water into social, environmental, and economic benefits for our communities. We embrace our responsibility to have a positive impact on people’s well-being by using cutting-edge technologies and world class engineering solutions.

Everyone on our team is passionate about paving the way to a cleaner and safer future. We are sharing our knowledge and experience in the engineering, legal and financial fields in order to satisfy the growing demand for greener and renewable energy sources.

Our business model is simple: decentralized energy generation with a low environmental impact. Cooperation with leading manufacturers of high-end equipment and engineering solutions helps us contribute to environmental protection as well as widely promote the consumption of green, safe, and effective energy.

Our Goals

  • Creating sustainable profitability to reward employees and company shareholders.
  • Increasing the value of the network of distributed hydropower plants that produces renewable power in order to meet the environmental and energy needs of companies and local communities.
  • Satisfying our customers’ and shareholders’ needs, fulfilling our promises, being transparent, and focusing on the profitability and reliability of our assets.
  • Promoting a corporate culture based on the responsibility of our employees and their commitment to the goals and values of the company. We encourage teamwork through initiatives, and innovations.
  • Preventing pollution by reducing the overall negative human impact on nature. We are committed to protecting the climate and ecosystem through the implementation of an effective environmental management system.


  • We encourage people to consume and create new renewable sources of energy.
  • We develop and implement innovative and cost-effective renewable energy production technologies.
  • We design a fair and future-oriented energy market with power storage technology as an integral element of the energy system.

Our Vision

  • We believe in our ability to transform the energy market in a way that has never been done or considered before. Changing the way we do business and use the planet’s resources is essential to addressing our environmental challenges.
  • Our company is focused on being part of the solution. Imagine the affordable on-site energy generation that can maintain all residential and commercial communities with no carbon footprint. On-site hydrogen production has great sales potential in the energy market. We believe in using all of the benefits provided by this clean, affordable, and renewable source of energy.
Oliver_photo_hydrogenn_ v5.jpg
Oliver Unterlercher

In the next few years, we plan to keep at least 30 MW capacity, generated by an independent network of small hydropower plants in Austria and Norway, under our control.

Ruslans Platonovs
CEO, Board Member

Working for a green and sustainable future in Europe is our priority. Our small hydropower plants make this future possible.

Sageder Thomas_hydrogenn_team_background_hydro_hydrogen_electricity
Thomas Sageder

Our world is beautiful – let’s keep it that way

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