Mobile data centers

Mobile data center services

Conventional hydropower plants have historically been built far from the location of consumers. This leads to the need to pay for the power grid connection as well as an increase in the energy cost for the consumer due to the energy’s long-distance transportation.

We offer a new model – on-site energy consumption via the distributed data centers connected directly to our small hydropower plants. You don’t need wires for data transfer – a reliable 4G or 5G connection is going to be enough. To achieve that we use hydropower plants and mobile data centers with liquid cooling.

our mobile data centers benefited from hydropower provide a more efficient method of data processing for numerous use cases with no carbon footprint!

We plan to build a distributed network of small hydropower plants and integrate them into a single cloud computing platform that facilitates long-term economic prosperity while ensuring the environmental sustainability of our planet.

Hydrogenn IT450 is a turnkey module data center in a container that contains complete cooling and power infrastructure. Such a system provides location flexibility, even while installing in inappropriate conditions. Each container maintains up to 450 kW of IT capacity. This is a perfect solution for cloud computing.

Hydrogenn IT450 contains:

  • 40-foot container, 8x42U racks or other configuration, with immersion cooling,
  • Integrated electrical infrastructure (distribution cabinets, switches, uninterruptible power supplies),
  • Coolant supply system with standby pumps,
  • Coolant distribution unit and plate heat exchanger,
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and alerting application,
  • Fire suppression system,
  • Mini split air conditioners for staff to work comfortably,
  • Integrated cable management.

Advantages Of Our Solutions

  • Turnkey solution with full cooling and power infrastructure.
  • Coolant protects expensive equipment from air pollution and corrosion.
  • UPS redundant modules.
  • Fast deployment even in the toughest places.
  • High-density equipment, high reliability.
  • Modular design that facilitates performance management.
  • Energy efficiency, reduction in electricity consumption while cooling the data center: chillers, air purifiers, and humidity control systems are no longer needed.
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